Infrastructure, Systems and Networks, are managed to increase Availability & Performance and minimize Operation & Administration Costs.

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To succeed you need to understand the management principles & functions, namely:

Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security (FCAPS)

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To apply Management functions, you need the right product.

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mmWave Wireless Networks – What are the prerequisites for successful deployments? (Part 1)

Operators (and vendors) face a very challenging and interesting situation related to the emerged technology of millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless networks. The high capacity connections that can be created with mmWave wireless links can fully [...]

Bandwidth on Demand – Realized with SDN for Wireless Transmission Enterprise Connectivity

Following the previous article that discussed the importance of SDN for Wireless Transmission networks, it is time to focus on a specific problem of Wireless Transmission and see how it can be solved with SDN. [...]

The importance of SDN for Wireless Transmission

Wireless Transmission Challenges Wireless Transmission faces new unprecedented challenges as a result of adoption of cloud services, the dramatic increase of video usage, the increase of device mobility as people use now more their smartphones [...]

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Operators Forging Ahead with SDN in Macrocell Backhaul Networks

Greater network flexibility and improved operational efficiencies are the chief drivers for implementing network functions virtualization (NFV) within the backhaul [...]

Anturis Adds New Feature: Windows Event Log Monitoring

Anturis, creator of Cloud-Based Monitoring Software made easy and affordable for servers, networks and websites just announced the introduction of a new feature – [...]


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SNMP Basic diagram

Read all about Management Protocols

SNMPCenter provides a wealth of information related with management protocols, including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), NetConf, OpenFlow, CLI etc.. This includes introduction guides to SNMP, SNMP Traps, SNMP MIBS and SNMP RFCs.

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Network Management

Understand Network Management

SNMP Center includes guidelines and instructions on  Network Management. All information presented includes how-to with real-life examples to make it easy and fun to read.

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Get Recommendations for your Application

SNMP Center recommends products  selected to fit the needs of each application, from small private enterprise networks to Tier-1 multi-vendor backhaul networks managed from Network Operations Centers.

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