• IoT and COVID-19

    IoT and COVID-19: What is the impact of coronavirus on IoT market?

    IoT and Covid-19 impact is a subject I was researching lately, as it seems obvious that the new reality the coronavirus has imposed to all of us, requires to increase our connectivity not only of our computers and mobile devices, but also of our devices of every size and shape - from cars to [...]

  • SNMP ports

    SNMP ports: Using UDP ports 161,162

    To understand the use of SNMP ports , one must first have an understanding of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Thankfully, a complete introduction of SNMP is included in SNMPcenter that explains what is SNMP and how this protocol is used for network management, i.e. to monitor and configure devices on IP networks. [...]

  • IoT Management Requirements

    IoT as-a-service (aaS) model: Energy Queensland express of interest

    Energy Queensland from Australia has recently published an Express of Interest (EoI) describing an IoT as-a-service (aaS) model, to procure and further develop (or customize) an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to support its ICT functions and service management capability across its business subsidiaries. The scope of the IoT platform includes existing IoT devices within [...]

  • Server Monitoring

    Server Monitoring: Principles of a future-proof solution

    Server monitoring is an essential tool for all industries, whatever company size, as no one is happy when a server goes down. When it happens, it’s usually a fire drill for the IT team to figure out what’s wrong, and some times it results to a blame game with no clear culprit. Server monitoring software [...]

  • Autonomous Networks

    Autonomous Networks – are they becoming a reality?

    Autonomous Networks is not a new concept. This term was first introduced in 2017, to describe the future when artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are integrated  at the network element (NE), network, and cloud layers. The main benefits of the autonomous networks are the hyper-automated digital services and operations across industries. With the ongoing development and [...]

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Product News

Nagios XI 5.7 is Here!


  The latest release of Nagios, Nagios XI 5.7 is pretty cool. This version is packed with new features [...]

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