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IT Administrator job reality – Paessler 2016 Survey results

//IT Administrator job reality – Paessler 2016 Survey results

The perception people have for the IT Administrator job is often influenced by the buzz words and trends that make news highlights. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networks (SDN), Big Data Management and cyber security always seem to make it to the news, but is this what an IT administrator does in his everyday work life?

Paessler initiated an interesting survey to answer this question: how far is the perception from the reality when we consider the IT administrator work?

IT Administrator job reality

Perhaps unsurprisingly, evaluation, installation and implementation of new hardware and software is a top favorite among IT Administrators.

Other findings are that Virtualization, Network Monitoring and Cyber Security are the top areas that IT administrators use or plan to implement, and that vendors seem to be aware of the challenges an IT Administrator faces.

Check the great info-graphic from Paessler below:

IT Administrator job reality - Paessler survey results

Paessler Survey

Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring specialist, has released the findings of the Paessler Worldwide Survey 2016 “Perception vs Reality,”.

The report highlighting the challenges faced by SMB system administrators and separating perception from reality when it comes to their everyday work. More than 650 system administrators from 49 countries around the world were surveyed for the report, giving a complete picture of who makes up this diverse group of employees and how they feel about their profession.

The survey results are available here.

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