Adrem Software , an
independent software company with development center based in Cracow,
Poland that makes network and systems management affordable and easy for
SMBs and organizations with it’s NetCrunch solution, has released a new
version, R9.2

The new release adds important capabilities, including:

– New Users & Access Rights Management
– Improved Performance Views
– Monitoring Improvements
– Redesigned Event Details
– Updated Trend Viewer
– New Credential Manager

The new release adds also a new Integration Module that offers integration
for several external service desk and messaging services. When NetCrunch
opens an external ticket, it can also automatically close this ticket when
the alert is closed. Two way integration also allows for alert to be
automatically closed in NetCrunch after the ticket had been closed in the
external system. Current version supports the most popular services, but
more integration will be added in the future versions.