SNMPcenter introduces Ariadne™, a carrier-class element, network and service management solution designed to manage multi-vendor wireless networks.



  • Wireless Network Management for Service Providers
  • Installed simply in less than 20 minutes
  • Automatically discovers your wireless network
  • Monitors your network 24/7
  • Provides advanced wireless Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Alerts you before emergencies occur

Ariadne™ can make your wireless network more reliable and your job easier.

Everything you need is contained in one simple installer, no complex configurations are required. Even network discovery is automated!


A Solution that can be Trusted

Tier-1 service providers can rely on Ariadne™ every day to monitor their backhaul and access networks.

Wireless network problems create business emergencies. SLAs are broken and the customer experience suffers. Ariadne™  helps you avoid expensive outages and address bottlenecks and environmental disturbances before they cause problems.

Ariadne™ unifies the management of multi-vendor wireless networks, improving user experience, lowering operational expenditures (OpEx) and improving efficiency.


Advanced Web User Interface

Ariadne™ enables integrated Fault and Performance Management, as well as Service Provisioning, to be carried out through a powerful and intuitive Web-based user interface with interactive Google maps that display weather, status and performance indicators with interactive map overlays.



Bandwidth Monitoring

Find Out Who Is Using Your Network, For What:

Ariadne™ is collecting various statistics from the network devices which you designate. It also retains and even aggregates the data so you can see historical performance, helping you react to changes.

Ariadne™ bandwidth utilization monitoring comes with an easy-to-use web interface with point-and-click configuration. You can easily share data from it with non-technical colleagues and customers, including via live graphs and custom reports. This will let you plan for wireless network expansion, proactively!

Ariadne Bandwidth Utilization


Alarm & Events Correlation

Reduced alarm flow to identify the root cause:

Ariadne™ comes with an easy-to-use but extremely powerful Alarms administration user interface that incorporates a customizable rule engine.

Ariadne™ elegant rule-engine allows creation of advanced user rules that can be saved and be re-used to radically reduce the number of events and alarms presented to the operator.

Identification of the root cause is greatly simplified, allowing fast problem resolution.

ariadne alarms correlation


Coming Soon!

Ariadne™ carrier-class management solution for multi-vendor and multi-technology wireless networks will be available from SNMPcenter within 2014 for commercial use.

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