OSSI is a provider of integrated security systems including System Integration and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM).

OSSI integrates Access Control, CCTV and Network Video, Fire, Intrusion, Perimeter, and other integrated security systems into an easily-managed end user control solution. OSSI is focusing on some specific security market segments with solutions tailored to cover specific needs. These segments include:

  • Education
  • Airports & Public Transportation
  • Goverment
  • Healthcare
  • Petrochemical
  • Casinos & Gaming, etc.


OSSI Offerings

OSSI offerings cover Physical Security Infrastructure Management (PSIM), Electronic Access Control (EAC) and Asset Tracking.

OSSI software products include:

  • Intelli-Site – a platform for Physical Security Infrastructure Management
  • ReadyAXS – A simple software solution for access control of up to 64 access points (doors)
  • IntelliTrack – a software to track assets based on RFID


OSSI hardware products include:

  • ReadyAXS – a 4 reader access control panel
  • Compass CS and ES – solutions utilizing Compass Technologies Intelligent Module hardware with extremely small Footprint.
  • MAC GS – solution utilizing MAC series hardware supporting Programmable Logic Control (PLC) ladder logic.
  • Smart Card Readers 
  • Proximity Readers 
  • 433 Mhz RFID Receivers, Antennas and Active Tags
  • 900 MHz RFID Readers and Pedestals
  • Wiegand RFID Programmer and Tokens
  • 900 UHF RFID Tags & 900 Mhz Readers

OSSI controllers

Intelli-Site (OSSI PSIM Solution)

(Source: OSSI site)

Intelli-Site CS is a wizard driven Access Control platform which allows the installer to program  a full Access Control system of 16 to 24 doors in less than an hour. A wizard renames multiple points at one time, adds time zones, holidays, additional workstations and more.  It offers a Card Holder import feature and provides for highlighted bulk card selection for modification. The programming wizard provides dealers a significant competitive advantage on smaller projects by reducing their implementation effort.

Intelli-Site ES provides the foundation for a fully integrated solution. ES is a fully customizable integration platform that provides the integrator with tools to create interactive screens like a website. The screens provide the end-user with feedback of every detail of their system. An information manager queue offers the end user one click operation when responding to an event or alarm. Some of the simultaneous commands include, display screen, connect intercom, display video, acknowledge alarm, and more.

Intelli-Site GS adds the ability to integrate to OSSI Mac series Smart PLC hardware, server redundancy, multi-server administration and OPC servers.  OPC servers provide Intelli-Site GS the ability to support many other platforms like most PLC manufactures, Backnet, Modbus and Building Automation which provides a complete PSIM solution.

OSSI Intellisite

ReadyAXS (OSSI Access Control Solution)

(Source: OSSI site)

OSSI’s ReadyAXS is a user-friendly, feature-rich software package designed specifically to manage Electronic Access Control (EAC).


ReadyAXS supports several advanced features found traditionally in enterprise level solutions.


  • Supports 32 doors (standard), and is scalable to 64 doors
  • Multiple card format support: Six of the most common are pre loaded
  • Easy to install
  • LAN and WAN Controller support
  • Auto-detection of controllers
  • Auto-configuration of controllers
  • Intuitive programming of: timezones, holidays, users, and access levels
  • Graphical representation of door status
  • One click control of doors from the monitoring screen
  • Intuitive card-holder user interface
  • Automatic card holder activation and expiration
  • Local anti-passback support
  • First use card auto enrolment
  • Import and export CSV files for expedited cardholder data programming

Advanced Programming Features:

  • Multi-card (escort)
  • First card in activates Timezone-controlled doors
  • Calendar-based holidays
  • Local Interlocking doors
  • GUI floor plan mapping
  • Special events schedules
  • Advanced attendance reporting

Attendance Reports Include:

  • Late arrival
  • Early leave
  • Absentee Sick Leave
  • Holiday / Vacation Day
  • Business Trip
  • Overtime identification
  • Manual Sign-in
  • No card read alerting
  • Custom creation of shift rules
  • Export all reports to CSV



OSSI is definitely not one of the world top-5 PSIM vendors. But is this a bad thing? Maybe not. If you have a small or medium size physical security project, you may find that OSSI may cover your needs without any bells and whistles but also at a fraction of the cost of the big-5 software.

I will be considering OSSI as a solution from now on for any small to medium size projects I am involved. How about you?

Oh, and here is a link to OSSI web site